A Slab of Glass

A Slab of Glass

Youtuber Christopher Lawley and iPad Blogger Jeff Perry sit down every other week to discuss the iPad, iOS, and how you can make your iPad work for you.

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    WWDC Wishlist - ASoG 8

    Jeff and Chris make their wishlists for WWDC 2018, Jeff did an "experiment" and we explain how we got to where we are in computing.

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    The Apps We Use Everyday - ASoG 7

    Chris and Jeff Go down the list of the apps they use every single day and their workflows they use with them

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    The Apple Pencil - ASoG 5

    Chris and Jeff talk about how they use the Apple Pencil in their workflows. Both make a wishlist for the Apple Pencil 2, and what apps Apple Pencil owners should get.

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    The Best iPad Keyboard - ASoG 4

    This episode Chris and Jeff search for the perfect keyboard. A quest that the two of them have been on since they went iPad only.

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    How We Handle Storage - ASoG 3

    This episode is all about managing files and using cloud services. We dive into how we organize our files, what services we use, and more!

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    iPad 10.5 VS 12.9 - ASoG 2

    Christopher and Jeff share the things they like about their iPad Pros, the overlap between them, and where the iPad 2017 falls in. If you want to know what iPad is right for you, this is the episode to hear! Also, in a bit of after show goodness Christopher gets a standing desk, kind of.

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    Our Desk Setups - ASoG 1

    Christopher and Jeff introduce themselves and then share their desks setups.

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    A Slab of Glass - Coming 3/18/2019

    A Slab of Glass is a podcast all about the iPad and the first episode is coming out March 18th. After that episode 2 and 3 will be coming throughout that week! Subscribe now and get them as they are released!