A Slab of Glass

A Slab of Glass

Youtuber Christopher Lawley and iPad Blogger Jeff Perry sit down every other week to discuss the iPad, iOS, and how you can make your iPad work for you.

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    17: Happy Shortcuts Eve

    Chris and Jeff Celebrate the eve of iOS 12 while recording. They then go on to talk about the features they are most excited for. Chris teaches Jeff what is coming with Siri Shortcuts, and they both talk about their rituals for when a new OS comes to their iPhones and iPads.

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    16: Playing Slots With Gestures

    Chris empties his digital closet, Jeff has a dilemma, and the new iPad sizes are discussed at length.

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    Task Management Bankruptcy and Our Writng Workflows

    Chris has problems with his task management and time management, after the longer than anticipated conversation about that we dive deep into our workflows and apps we use when wriiting

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    Workflow with Matthew Cassinelli

    Matthew Cassinelli, formerly at Workflow, talks about the upcoming Shortcuts app, how he works, and what you can do to be a better blogger!

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    Automation with Rosemary Orchard

    Jeff and Chris sit down with Rosemary Orchard, creator of Automation Orchard and co-host of Relay FM's Automators podcast!

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    Our Favorite Workflows

    Chris and Jeff get really excited about Siri Shortcuts being available, so they decide to share some of their favorite shortcuts and what automation for iOS will be in the future.

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    A Very Special Episode

    Jeff is having a crisis, and Chris wanted to intervene with Mike Rapin as a guest. This show gets real and deals with things like imposter syndrome and consistency.

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    Task Managers for iOS - ASoG 10

    Chris and Jeff dive deep into the world of Task Managers for iOS and the Apple Ecosystem. From what they want in a system to the apps they have used. Some you may know about, others you may not!

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    WWDC Wrap-Up - ASoG 9

    Jeff and Chris go over the new features and announcements from WWDC for iOS and macOS (for a minute). We talk about what we are excited for, our plans for the summer with iOS 12, and when to install the beta on your devices.

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    WWDC Wishlist - ASoG 8

    Jeff and Chris make their wishlists for WWDC 2018, Jeff did an "experiment" and we explain how we got to where we are in computing.

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