A Slab of Glass

A Slab of Glass

Youtuber Christopher Lawley and iPad Blogger Jeff Perry sit down every other week to discuss the iPad, iOS, and how you can make your iPad work for you.

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    24: Our Platforms of Choice

    Chris and Jeff have some follow-up about the iPad, HomePod. Jeff has a confession he's worried about, and Jeff bought another keyboard.

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    23: Honorable Mention Apps

    Chris made some purchases, they both share their iPad home screens, and apps are discussed at length.

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    22: New iPad Pro Thoughts

    Chris gets his new iPad, Jeff is drooling and living vicariously through him, and they both answer listener questions.

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    21: Apple Event Thoughts

    After Chris finally stopped jumping up and down, we sat down to talk all about the Apple Keynote from October 30th. We hear what Chris bought right off the bat, talk a little about the new Macs and a lot about the new iPad Pros. Also, we are doing a Q&A episode next time, so ask us questions!

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    20: iPad Event Predictions

    Chris and Jeff predict what they expect to come with the new iPads, Jeff wants a tweet to be true and Chris reads some tea leaves about the location of the event.

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    19: Using Your Teeth with David Sparks

    After sharing their thoughts on GTD, Chris and Jeff talk with David Sparks, a man who needs no introduction with GTD. The three of them talk about their task managers of choice, dealing with overwhelm in their GTD lives, and David shares a wealth of insight in getting started with getting your tasks in order.

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    17: Happy Shortcuts Eve

    Chris and Jeff Celebrate the eve of iOS 12 while recording. They then go on to talk about the features they are most excited for. Chris teaches Jeff what is coming with Siri Shortcuts, and they both talk about their rituals for when a new OS comes to their iPhones and iPads.

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    16: Playing Slots With Gestures

    Chris empties his digital closet, Jeff has a dilemma, and the new iPad sizes are discussed at length.

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